Thursday, November 22, 2012

BIGG BOSS 6 - Imam Siddique was thrown out from the 'Bigg Boss' house

Actor and Fashion Stylist Imam Siddique was evicted from the Bigg Boss 6. Last friday, he entered as a wild card entry in another house called as 'naye padosi'. The Padosi house was made up of like a village mud hut and the other two wild card contestants in the 'naye padosi' house were TV serial Actress, Aashka Goradia and Bhojpuri star Dinesh Nirahua.

According to a source, While staying in the new 'Padosi house' with other two housemates, Imam Siddique started putting his views on the two by saying 'I am here to play a game' and later he lowered them by his dominating nature. Aashka told him that his opinion doesn't matter for her, Imam got angry by her reaction and started imitating her cry baby behavior. Aashka taunted Imam back by speaking to him in his feminine style, later he realized his mistake and apologized to Aashka.

But later in the night, Imam wore Aashka's clothes and started harassing by her doing antics like brushing his teeth and Imitating her actions.When Aashka and Nirahua reacted to this, he got angry and locked them inside the house and the cranky Imam threatened to burn down the house. He did not stop his rude behavior here, he went further and started destroying the earthen pots kept in the garden area.

When the 'Bigg Boss' production team tried talking to him, he strip his shirt and was very abusive to them. Finally the makers and the channel asked him to leave the house immediately.

I think Imam Siddique got over confident and mad after entering the house and he forgotten that 'Bigg Boss 6' season started this year with tagline 'Alag che', In English 'Alag che' means different. The channel was very clear that this year season will be suitable for a family audience.

    Hi fans! what is your opinion, do you think is it really a family show?

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