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JAB TAK HAI JAAN - Movie Review

                                     JAB TAK HAI JAAN - REVIEW 

Director           :    Yash Chopra

Producer         :     Aditya Chopra

Cast                 :    Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif,  
                               Anushka Sharma

Music               :     A.R. Rehman

Lyrics               :     Gulzar

Language        :     Hindi

Release date  :    13th November 2012

Critics Rating :    3.5/5 Stars


Story : The movie starts in Kashmir, Major Samar Anand (Shahrukh Khan) is a angry bomb defusal expert in Indian Army. Akira Rai (Anushka Sharma), a documentary film maker meets Samar as he saves and gives jacket to warm her, Later She discovers a Diary from the jacket of Samar in which he had penned his past love story.

As Akira starts reading the story, The movies goes into flashback were Samar was a young, carefree guy
in London, Who was working as a street musician and a part time waiter in the hotel. One day he meets Meera Thappar (Katrina Kaif) in her engagement party, Later Samar teaches Punjabi songs lessons to Meera in exchange of some English lessons. Soon they both fall in love with each other.

A road accident changes the life of both Samar's and Meera's love story and Samar finds himself in Kashmir
defusing bombs. As Akira finishes reading the diary, She makes the documentary movie on the Samar with
the approval of her boss. Later Akira falls in love with Samar, but he refuses her due to his painful past.

But what happened after the course of accident, which changed the life's of Samar and Meera? Did they meet again? or Did Samar accepted the love of Akira's in later part of the movie?. Want to know! Please go and watch the emotional love story of 'JAB TAK HAI JAAN'.

Reviews : If you love watching romantic movies, this movie is a perfect to watch. The performance of Shahrukh Khan as bomb defuser is good, Katrina looked fabulous playing  the role of rich, seductress women (Meera) and Anushka looked very peppy as an documentary film maker. A.R. Rehman's music is very good, though not as hit as in his previous movies we have seen. Yashji direction is awesome, Though the intensity is not same as we have seen in his earlier romances movies like Kabhie - Kabhie, Silsila, DDLJ.

The scenes showed in Kashmir and London are wonderful, Credits goes to Anil Mehta for his Cinematography.This movie is a true farewell from a Man,who has given many romantic movies to Indian Cinema.Thanks Yashji and We will miss you!

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